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The Most Unusual Casino Games From Around the World

When people think of casinos, they often imagine brightly lit and glamorous establishments such as those found in Las Vegas or Monaco. However, other casinos strive to stand out from the pack with unique games that surprise their players and add an element of surprise.

These bizarre casino games have players talking, from competing against a chicken at tic-tac-toe to winning jackpots on wheel of fortune-lite games.

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Shakatu, a Goblin merchant who offers rare world products in his town named after himself. Dellus and Raomi can often be found here, along with an abundance of treasure chests to select from.

Shakatu’s shop features many items for trade, including gold gears that can be acquired either through crafting or gacha draws – an effective way of purchasing higher-tier weapons and equipment that aren’t easily available elsewhere.

Black Desert Online offers players a number of rewards they can earn by exchanging shakatu seals with Dellus or Raomi in Shakatu town. These rewards can be redeemed for various items ranging from high-quality accessories and weapons and armor, but in order to qualify they must first log on their eligible character – otherwise the rewards will automatically be taken up by Black Spirit as Black Energy and be lost forever.


On its surface, dreidel may seem like a simple game of luck that lacks balance, clarity or strategic choice – yet its use continues to be part of Hanukkah traditions. So what accounts for its staying power?

Players sit in a circle and take turns spinning a dreidel. They begin with a pot of coins which they contribute to over time; if their dreidel lands on either gimmel (winning the entire pot) or nun (nothing happens); otherwise hey (collecting half) wins them half of it back.

The dreidel is an ancient game symbolizing four nations to which Judah’s House of Judah was subject historically: Babylonia, Persia, Seleucid Empire and Rome. Additionally, some rabbis assign various mystical meanings to each letter: shin – do nothing; nun – do something; gimmel – take everything; and hey – be fair. Furthermore, children learn through this game the importance of sharing and fair play amongst themselves and peers alike! This game also helps teach children the value of sharing and fair play among themselves and among themselves!


Casinos are constantly coming up with creative games to keep their patrons amused, but some games they devise may seem peculiar. One Atlantic City casino even hosts an animal activist-led tic-tac-toe match between Ginger the chicken and player; these actions cause outrage for animal rights activists as it pits animals against each other for gambling purposes.

Belgium’s Birdsong gambling tradition dates back to 1596 in Flanders, Belgium, where male common chaffinches in cages compete to see which will produce the loudest and longest singing performance – known as Vinkensport – over an hour period. Wagers are placed on which bird will produce the loudest noise over this period; usually competitions take approximately an hour with judges determining if each chirp is valid or not.